Business Resources

Here, you can find simple guides and instructions of various business resources curated to fit your small business needs.

Sharing Content

Share messages and content that resonates with your audience. Are they going to feel strongly, “I agree with that!” or “I strongly disagree with that!” when you share your message? Those are the types of messages you should be sharing.

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Uploading Content

Once you have completed setting up your social media pages, the next step is to think about the content you will need to post to attract users. Taking photos for your content is hard because they greatly affect the way your business is being displayed on social media.

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Navigating COVID-19 Changes to Social Media

COVID-19 has changed just about everything, but you still need to connect to your customers, partners, and team members. And now more than ever, social media may be the best way to do so. You cannot just continue with your regular marketing strategy. 

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Understanding Social Media Algorithm

If you are going to take advantage of social media for business purposes, it’s vital that you understand what algorithms mean for you.

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Digital Marketing

Establishing a digital marketing strategy is critical. Digital marketing refers to any online marketing efforts or assets.

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Pivot Marketing

No matter what type of business you have, it’s always a good idea to plan out your marketing strategies in advance.

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