Navigating COVID-19 Changes to Social Media

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Social Media Background

COVID-19 has changed just about everything, but you still need to connect to your customers, partners, and team members. And now more than ever, social media may be the best way to do so. You cannot just continue with your regular marketing strategy. 

With the addition of more users being on the platform, every business should understand that creativity and entertainment are what will keep them long-term audiences. Content creators on social media are now putting in more effort in making more organic user-generated content because that is what differentiates them from the rest. 

Next, the timing of your post. The time for overall higher traffic has also changed due to COVID-19. Instagram reported that higher traffic concentrated during the weekday is now Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11 am and 2 pm. Facebook’s report also shows similar results on top of revealing that content after 5 pm will have lower engagement.

Social media tools will help you stay in the competition. More businesses are now using digital tools to assist their marketing. Such tools like analytic tools and scheduling tools are two essential ones that everyone uses. Analytics tools help businesses view their social media performance, which shows which tactics are working and which aren’t. Scheduling tools are being used so businesses can operate their content effectively and efficiently.