Understanding Social Media Algorithm

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If you are going to take advantage of social media for business purposes, you must understand what algorithms mean for you. Social networks prioritize which content user sees in their feed first by the likelihood that they will want to see it. Understanding how algorithms work requires both experimenting firsthand and listening to what the platforms are saying themselves. For the majority of social media, the basics are the same, everyone's feed is determined by relevancy, recency, and resonance. 

As a business, you should create and post original, interesting content so your audience is intrigued. Reusing or copying other's contents will only end up harming your page. By relevancy, it means to post content that would appeal to your targeted audience. Set a niche and focus on targeting your desired audience that would bring good customer lifetime value. 

By recency, you should get into the habit of scheduling and preparing your posts rather than coming up with something last minute. Planning your posts will allow you to revise and put more effort into each post so your audience does not get dull of your content. Take advantage of your analytics tools because they can tell you what time your audience is most active on the platform.

Lastly, resonance is important. Your content must be engaging and active. Interactions such as comments, likes, reshares, and views from your audience are essential to fall into the algorithm. By having a good engagement, the algorithm will recognize your content. The reason is that the platform can see that your content is gaining a lot of attention so it believes your content is relevant for others to see and engage.

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