Paying for Ads and Promotions

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Digital marketing is the new way to get the word out and guide more traffic to your site and increase business. Putting even a little bit of cash towards paid advertising can go a long way towards generating business and growing your customer base. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Google have access to a lot of data so they have the ability to put your ads to the right audience. These companies also have the incentive to help you advertise; by purchasing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) these sites will make sure people are actually visiting and clicking because they want you to be a returning customer of their advertising service while you receive your end of profit from the new customers that were gained from the paid ads or promotions. Additionally, they make sure that the people who click also makes a purchase or else how would you yourself gain profit. Facebook, Instagram, or Google all provide their own tools that allows you to measure results and make business decisions off of it. Those tools are much preferable than generating reports yourself or hiring a social media coordinator to monitor it.

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