How To Deal With Complaint

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It can be tempting for some people to use social media to vent. Negative comments will surface onto your business page from, so you must know how to escalate these incidents. For online marketing, it is vital to overcome this absence of human interaction through strategic marketing and customer service. Words clearly have value. Sometimes it’s not what you say, but howyou say it that matters the most to online customers. With the right word choices, you can humanize your brand and speak the language of your customers. You can show them you care and help them see you’re to be trusted. 

When you encounter an upsetting user, the first thing to do is respond. Acknowledging a complaint is the first step towards dealing with an upsetting user. Your first response should be an apology, followed by empathy, and a solution or offer to the user. Make sure to look at this complaint as a form a feedback that your business should recognize. 

A classic example of how to start off your response: “Hi, I’m Mary and I’m so sorry for the trouble….”