Claim Your Yelp Page

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Claiming your Yelp page is important for businesses. Many businesses suffer when people are spreading misinformation or writing negative reviews about them. These actions can hurt your business tremendously if no one is there to stop or resolve the issues that are on your page. By claiming your business, you gain better control over what potential customers can see and read when visiting your page. You also gain the right to stop misleading reviews and respond to unsatisfied customers. Reaching out to unsatisfied customers is important because you should try to know and resolve their issues to improve your business. It is a win-win situation as it allows you to not only resolve the issue but establish goodwill with your customer. Make sure to ask if they are satisfied with the outcome and if they are willing to revise their review, so your page won’t have a lasting negative impression. 

Claiming your Yelp business is also an opportunity to advertise your business. While Yelp does not recommend businesses asking for reviews, there are many ways to encourage your customers to do so. Such acts as putting your Yelp on your social media or having a Yelp QR code in your store can attract attention from customers who are happy with your businesses. As you gain more reviews, your business page is also gaining more exposure on Yelp. Making sure to stay active and reply promptly to both positive and negative reviews never hurt.