Claim Your Google Business Page

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Image of Claiming Google Business

Claiming your Google Business is beneficial for your business. Just like Yelp, you can gain control over how to display your business on Google. This is very important because Google is the biggest search engine so many people can view your business daily. The very first step is to set up all the informative detail like uploading your logo, contact information, opening hours, location, and social media and website links to just name a few. Using Google Business is a huge advantage for businesses and making sure that your page is very appealing is a big deal. 

The simpler you make it for potential customers to buy directly from your business profile, the more sales you have the chance to attract. This means you have to be clear about what you display and how potential customers can shop or visit and making the purchasing process as simple as possible. To do so, post photos, share posts and answer questions. Image is a powerful marketing tool for your business so make sure to take advantage of it. Next, business owners should write posts on their Business Profile to highlight their products or announce special offers. The more often a business posts promotion, the more reasons they give for indecisive prospects to visit or buy. Many people ask questions directly through your Business Profile, so make sure to check and answer their questions or concerns on time. This is crucial because it allows users to know that your business is active and engaged and that you're keen to deliver good service. Having these features can encourage customers to leave positive reviews on your page and over time, those stars can be the factor that distinguishes you from your competing businesses.